Body Kit, by Dr.OlenGin

A sound Mind in a sound Body.

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1 x Magic Mineral Dead Sea Salt, by Dr.OlenGin

Recreate your Dead Sea experience and bathe in the purest mineral rich water in the world, right in your own tub.

1 x Magic Mineral Foot Cream, by Dr.OlenGin

Every journey toward revolutionizing yourself, begins with a step. 

1 x Magic Mineral Hand Cream, by Dr.OlenGin

A touch of the Dead Sea, will turn your touch into unbelievable.

1 x Gift Bag Dr.OlenGin

Beautiful bag with Dr.OlenGin logo.


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We believe that your body deserves to be treated just as well as it treats you.

That is why we developed our innovative Body and Spa products based on unique Dead Sea mineral formulas. Our products revitalize every part of your body, nourish it with all the vitamins and natural minerals it requires, help the skin protect you, and just as important let your body relax.

  • Certified as Original Dead Sea Product

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