Magic Mineral Anti Aging Night Cream, by Dr.OlenGin

Allow your skin to replenish by night, and naturally stop the day long damage from causing it to age.

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Using Dr. OlenGin’s unique Dead Sea mineral based formulas, our Magic Mineral Anti Aging Night Cream is highly enriched with Dead Sea minerals, and containsolive extract and citric acid, that together protect against environmental damage to the skin cell, balance the skin’s pH levels, and soothe the skin. This cream also contains Jojoba Seed Oil and Glycerin that soften the skin, delay the skin aging process, enhance flexibility & elasticity, and provide nourishment and moisture to your facial skin – all this, with a gentle addictive scent.

  • Content 50 ml
  • Certified as Israeli Original Dead Sea Product

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ночной крем

мне очень понравилось приятный крем

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