An Insight into Gel Nails!

Gel nails have become very popular in recent years because not only do they look and feel great but the coating is thinner and they look more natural than false nails. Gel nails are also stronger, flexible and much more resistant to chipping.

Going to a salon for a manicure was once saved for special occasions. The professional treatment was very expensive and had to be repeated at least once a week to keep them in good condition. The question is - who had the time and money for that sort of pampering? After this came acrylic nails. If, and only if you were careful, they would keep your fingers looking pretty for a couple of weeks. However, they did have a tendency to break off and expose an ugly nail underneath which could only be repaired by a technician.

The desire for women to have beautiful hands fuelled the industry and presented solutions to any potential problems acrylics presented (which at times were quite a few!) But, in spite of higher costs, gel nails have become extremely popular in recent years because the coating is thinner and look less...well, manicured. To keep them looking even and normal, gel needs to be inserted, between the nail and the cuticle as new growth appears. This temporary filling will keep nails looking their best for up to a month, after which the nail needs to be filed down and new gel applied.

Although many women are switching from acrylic nails to gel nails, there are still some potential problems, including the following...

  1. The nail technician applying the gel can do a bad job as many are unfortunately untrained
  2. Some women experience a burning sensation as the nails are applied
  3. Some technicians use white powder with pink liquid to make an underlay and then put the gel on top of natural nails – not ideal!
  4. Nails can develop brown, unattractive spots on the edges
  5. After only a few days, some of the edges begin to lift off
  6. Your own nails can become damaged if the gel nail improperly removed
  7. And finally, depending upon the gel used, some are resistant to acetone and must be buffed off gently.

If you have thin, peeling nails and can’t resist the call of gel nails, be sure you research the salon first. Visit in person and check for hygiene, levels of training etc. Ask customers or friends of yours who have had gel nails what they like about them and if they have experienced any problems. Speak to the technician and ask any questions you may have. If they don’t want you to make inquiries, move on to another salon that is happy to provide answers you need!