Mens grooming - written by a woman!

Do you have a quick shave, occasionally dab on a little soap and cologne, and think that you’ve got a grooming routine down? Time to think again gentlemen! Sometimes, spending a little extra time in the store picking out the right gel and/or mousse can do your skin wonders - and won’t jeopardise your masculinity! In fact, if anything, it will keep you looking younger for longer.  If you want to make your woman happy (and this applies even if you already have an interest in grooming) it may be time to branch out and break free from the products you frequently buy. Most men feel more comfortable sticking with their favorite brands and not making much of a change. You might be one of these men, and if so, did you know that 33% of men buy whatever product is on sale at their local shop? Or that 64% of men spend less than $25 on their monthly grooming products? Here are some things to think about to make when you’re trying to skirt the whole grooming issue.

Men admit to being the lazier gender when it comes to the topic of grooming. Especially on the subject of hair removal - think the dreaded back and chest wax (you’re on the right track) According to various studies, almost all women found back hair unattractive. While some guys have quite the battle to wage against their fur, on the other hand, some women do appreciate a little chest hair – so don’t get rid of it all, or you’ll risk looking positively baby-like.

Well-groomed does not mean high maintenance!

Keep your grooming routine to yourself - once you’ve got the hang of a few extra grooming techniques, recommend that your male friends do it, too. Some males spend hours in the bathroom – avoid doing this or you will most definitely be putting your lady off!

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it...

Grooming doesn’t mean arching your eyebrows so much they look feminine, having a waxed bikini line and baby smooth legs. So instead of fighting hair, sweat and odours, work with your body to make the most of what you have. Women will always want you to find fragrances that complement your body’s ordinary chemistry, to find clothes that work with your shape, and a hairstyle that suits your lifestyle and work. If you’re not feeling confident enough to make decisions like that alone, thank goodness for the professionals out there - all you need to do is find them at a barber or unisex salon.


Find out what looks best on you, and ask your partner for their opinion, too. If you work with what you’ve got and you aren’t afraid to take risks here and there, it won’t go wrong, and you’ll be a style icon just like that!