Change Your Look, Change Your Life!

Here’s a little guide as how to uncover your true style, increase your natural confidence and make an impact. In this day and age, clothes aren't just clothes anymore, because they make an impression about who you really are. Essentially, if you present yourself to the world the way you would like to be seen - you’ll find the real you.

Step One – Reassess!

First impressions happen only once, so you should take the time to find outfits that project your personality. This is why it is important to regularly reassess your look. Adjusting your look better reflects your station in life - those denim skirts you wore in your early-twenties probably won't help you convey yourself best when you hit thirty. Updating your clothes and general style to fit your age is imperative to feeling good, and most importantly, yourself.

Step Two - Get labelling

Knowing what your 'look' is makes shopping much easier. So easy, in fact, that you shouldn’t end up with a juxtaposed wardrobe where nothing really goes together.  Though you may often wears jeans and a tee-shirt, a great way to ups your style-quotient is by adding some great accessories, such as a pair of earrings, a statement handbag, and colorful pumps. To label your own style, ask yourself the following questions - How am I going spend my day? How much time do I have to get ready in the morning? Who are my style icons?

Step Three - Destroy the floordrobe!

To clear an overcrowded wardrobe, hunt down the items you think you’re wearing for the wrong reasons and donate them to charity. It could be a badly-fitting pair of jeans, or a bad sweater from an in-law – trust us when we say – the charity will want it more than you will wear it. Clutter, apart from making a mess of your bedroom and house, will clutter up your thoughts too.

Step Four – Color-me beautiful

Wearing the right color scheme will make you look more awake and as if you have more energy. Integrate those colors into your wardrobe so that you feel great and make a bigger in your working life. To establish what works best on you, hold fabrics of different shades to your face in a decent light (It’s also known as getting your colors done) Note which colors make your eyes and skin glow and also which make you look pale or tired. For instance, dark haired woman with brown eyes with olive toned skin may look best in earthy tones including gold, autumn red, and olive green. Whatever your best colors, start accumulating them in your wardrobe and you’ll be looking radiant before you know it.

Step Five – Looking your best while wearing your best

Life is short, so don't hide away your favorite glam pieces for special occasions alone! Go ahead and wear them to the grocery store, to the mall, or for a coffee. If you wear your best every day, you’ll feel more naturally confident, gorgeous and this will reflect in how people interpret you as a personality too!