Quick and Easy Hairstyles!

Managed to bag yourself a last-minute date? How about an invite to a party? Whatever the occasion, don’t resort to just throwing your hair into a rushed up-do. Here are some seriously hot styles that will make people think you spent hours getting ready, when really, all you did was spend most of the day watching a TV marathon before throwing your look together. Here are some inspired looks that will get you noticed with no bother!

Wavy days!

This look is really straightforward, which is great because wavy hair is in right now. Not only is it an easy look, but it’s sexy, stylish and simple! First, mist your hair with a spritz of water and apply a tiny blob of curl-enhancing cream to damp hair. Now just pull strands up into a center ponytail on the crown of your head. After this, twist and bind the ponytail around the elastic into a loose bun and secure with hairpins. Then, it’s a case of blow-drying it in place for a few minutes to set the style. Once you untie your hair and let the ponytail down, your hair will have a soft wave to it. Instant beauty!

Beach babe

Beach curls are en-vogue in any culture nowadays. To create this look, you'll just need a little dry shampoo, hairspray, and a curling iron. First, divide your hair into around seven/eight sections. Wrap each section around the iron and hold it there for five seconds. Unwind them, then hairspray for hold. When you have curled your entire head of hair, run your fingers through your curls to separate them. Finally, massage some dry shampoo into your roots and rub gently to increase the volume of your hair. Before you know it, you’ll be walking along some exotic beach. Or at least, you’ll look like you should be...

To be, or knot to be...

For this smooth and classic knot look, first apply a little hair serum to your locks to tame any frizz. Part your hair in the center and brush back the sides into a soft, low ponytail that sits at the base of your neck. Next, twist the tail tightly to avoid the ends coming loose. Wrap it around the hair band to create a slick bun, making sure you tuck the ends of the tail behind the bun. Secure it with hairpins, and hey presto - an uber-beautiful sleek chignon.

Loose and layered

Step one to scoring sultry and sumptuous waves - Divide your hair into five sections all around the head and braid each section, but don’t worry if they’re a little loose, as they don't have to be tight or neat. Step two - Run hot hair straighteners over each braid, clamping them down for about 10 seconds. Step three - Once cool, unravel the braids and run your fingers through your hair to break up the sections. Step four - Go out and make those jaws drop!

Vintage Pouf

The first step to creating this retro, 1940’s inspired look is to part off the top midsection of your hair between your temples. Tousle those pieces of hair and lightly brush it back to smooth frizz but maintaining volume. Collect and clip it up near the crown of your head, so it's out of your face temporarily. Next, brush the sides of your hair straight back into a loose half-ponytail. Bring the poufed section together with the rest of the ponytail, then pin it all into place. Spritz your pouf with hairspray to set the style and get rid of any annoying flyaways, and there you have it, a perfect pouf!