Diabetics Products

Nowadays, between 6%-8% of the population are diabetics. This figure often rises to 15% in later adult life. Here at Dr Olen Gin, our top priority is to be there for our customers and to answer to their needs. For years, people suffering with diabetes have visited the Dead Sea in order to help their condition. Up to a third of people with diabetes have skin conditions related to the disease, and this can occur at any time of their lives. Thankfully, most of these conditions can be treated and therefore prevented if diagnosed early enough. However, if not monitored properly, a minor condition could become a serious problem with even worse consequences.

Dr Olen Gin is one of just two companies internationally to have received an approval from The Israeli Diabetes Association due to the nature of our products improving the daily skin conditions of diabetics – particularly as we deal specifically with mineral therapy. Founded in 1954, the association develops scientific research on the subject and promotes its very own brand mark on certain laboratory-tested products that have been proven to help with the everyday needs of those with diabetes. In our laboratories we have developed these tested products to keep skin soft and safe and the custom of diabetics is attracted with the stamp of approval from the Israeli Diabetes Association placed on the back of the product.

There are various skin conditions caused by diabetes including Digital Sclerosis – this affects the skin on your fingers, toes and hands by becoming thick, stiff and sore. As well as this, there may be an additional stiffness in the finger joints and knuckles. As diabetes is directly linked to circulation problems in their arms and legs, a mere cut could become a serious wound in a short space of time – some cases have even escalated to needing amputation. In order to care for sensitive skin and fight the risk of diabetes affecting the hands and the feet we must use products containing natural antioxidants specifically designed for moisturising and treating the skin against environmental hazards.

The average person with diabetes has to use hand cream to hydrate their skin around five times a day. So, exactly for this reason, Dr Olen Gin’s products are full of natural Dead Sea minerals which are internationally well-known to possess excellent healing properties. Dr Olen Gin’s Dead Sea Mineral Hand Cream is designed to last for longer, decreasing the amount of applications per day. Because of the powerful and quick absorption, everyday menial tasks won’t affect the pH levels of the skin and dry it out (turning the pages of a book, typing at a computer, holding a leash while walking the dog). The ingredients include Vitamin E, Dimethicone and Glycerin that combine to moisturise, rejuvenate, and improve skin texture. But most particularly, this product will retain moisture and act as a barrier to dryness. More than anything, this product reduces the amount of time a diabetic is unable to function while waiting for their moisturiser to absorb – letting them get on with their days.

Next up is the Dead Sea Mineral Foot Cream – a fantastic way to keep feet cool, fresh and soft, day and night. Glycerin, cacao butter and sorbitol act as skin softening agents and great ways to lubricates the skin and reduce the appearance of scars. As well as strong antioxidants and anti-bacterial qualities to help prevent infection, Dr Olen Gin has added soothing menthol to maintain the fresh feeling that feet deserve throughout the night – something that is often difficult for those suffering from diabetes.

Dr Olen Gin’s Mineral Body Lotion is another luxurious and fast-absorbing lotion packed with citric acid and Dead Sea Minerals that is great for use on those dry-skin target areas such as knees and elbows. Aimed at getting the blood flow circulation going – this is an ideal, non-medicinal product taking into account the needs of a diabetic.

Thank you for your interests.