Doctor Olengin Guide to Heavenly Hands!

The worst thing about the winter months is how it usually gets the best of your skin. The cold, dry weather can destroy moisture, leaving you with chapped and damaged hands. Try and make a little ‘you’ time to try this soft hands makeover. With the right treatment your skin could be silky smooth by morning, just follow these top tips...

Prepare your skin

The best thing to do is to start by having a soak in the tub. Submerge your hands in the warm water for at least five minutes, letting it open your pores and calm any dry skin. If necessary, use a pumice stone to lightly scrub away any dry skin on your palms – do not pumice your knuckles or any other sensitive areas. Afterwards, adding moisturisers to damp skin helps the products to absorb.

Achieve those soft hands

Choose an entirely natural moisturiser such as Doctor Olengin hand cream for deep skin penetration. Choose natural oil products if you want smooth skin and need to reduce any sore skin inflammation. Almond or jojoba oil are two particular oils which have been proven to benefit skin texture damage - using a pure oil rather than a big commercial moisturiser won't dry out your skin.  Lightly dab the chosen oil on a cotton-wool pad, and slowly rub the cotton over the palms and back of your hands. Starting with the top of each hand, work in a downward fashion focussing on any particularly dry spots. Pay attention to the knuckles, making sure the oil penetrates the skin, thus leaving you with perfectly soft hands.

Give it some time

Now all that’s left to do is to slip your hands into a pair of clean gloves. Don’t use latex gloves as this will cause your hands to sweat and will obstruct absorption of the oils. Overnight, allow the oil to soak into your dry skin. If possible, don’t use any astringent soaps or lotions a couple of hours beforehand. Since many oils can stain fabrics, leave the gloves on overnight to keep your sheets clean. Then in the morning, shower and gently wipe away any residual oil and hey presto – soft hands that will overcome any winter strife!