The Doctor Olengin Guide to Beautiful Brows!

Some people are blessed with full, naturally defined arched eyebrows. However, many of us have to deal with thin, choppy brows that require a little more maintenance. Sometimes, misshapen brows are due to a mixture of over- zealous beauticians and over plucking on our own behalfs. Here are some tips to bring out the best in your brows...

The first thing to understand is that bold brows are not a luxury, they are just a necessity. Thicker brows make you look a lot younger, as they frame your face. A smaller set of brows tend to make your face look rounder and as if you have bags under your eyes - not a good look! Finished brows add the extra finishing touches to that face you have put a little effort into. When filling in brows, rule number one is to never draw onto bare skin. Also, critically, never shave off your eye brows and draw them on! This can be very easy to spot, and looks fake. Even if you have fairly thin brows, adding a tiny bit of dimension around the outside of the brow will make all the difference, and make them look much thicker.

Next, it’s the tools that you use that make all the difference. Choose a wax and powder blend, or a pencil which is just darker than your brows. The aim is to get your brows to look polished. Eyebrow waxes and powders are applied using specialist angle brushes, and pencils can be applied from the stick (so make sure they’re sharpened). One last thing is a spooly brush. These look like mascaras, and they are fantastic for blending all your newly applied lovely eye brows. Without this, ‘filled in’ brows can run the risk of being too drawn on, which again is not a good look.

Firstly, apply the brow wax, or the brow pencil. Brow wax can be applied using an angle brush, so slowly trace the edge of the brow and square off the end closest to your nose. Then, blend the wax through the main body of your brow. Use the same angled brush to then apply the powder, through the body of the brow; the powder clings to the wax that you have applied. A similar technique is used when using a brow pencil, however it is important you use very soft strokes.  These will still very easily fill in your brows, whilst giving a much nicer finish. Lastly, get your spooly brush and brush through your brows, to soften any lines. That’s it – bold, beautiful brows should now be staring you in the mirror.