Dr OlenGin’s guide to fabulous feet

It’s that time of year again – sandal season. If you’re feet are feeling neglected, it’s time to get rid of the socks and shoes and assess the damage with Dr OlenGin’s guide to making your winter feet ready for the summer sun.

Invest in a pair of well fitting shoes!

Take a break from the stilettos – as hard as it may sound, avoid long-term damage by purchasing a pair of comfortable flats or sandals. It doesn’t mean sacrificing style however, as many high street stores have great ranges of stylish comfortable shoes to suit any discerning buyer.

Remove those rough edges

The biggest curse in skin health is dead skin, and after an entire season of low maintenance your feet will be showing it. However, the good news is that it is easy to overcome! Start by soaking your feet in warm water, whether that’s in a bath or a bowl of warm water for 15-20 minutes. Once softened, the dead skin is ready to be removed using the gentle motion of a pumice stone or foot exfoliating scrub. Make sure to take care of delicate areas such as the toes and ankles, so as not to cause sore and damaged skin. Once the dead skin is removed, follow up by patting the feet dry with a soft towel (making sure to dry in between your toes) and moisturise with a foot cream. We at Dr OlenGin recommend our Magic Mineral Foot Cream.

Take good care of your nails!

Even healthy nails can look dull if they aren’t cared for, so it is very important to keep your under maintenance in the run up to the sandal season. Keep your toenail cuticles pushed back, use nail files to keep nail length in check and use foot cream to keep your toes moisturised and also to stimulate healthy toenail growth and renewal.