Dr OlenGin’s step-by-step guide to beautiful skin

Sick of dull, lifeless looking skin? Too busy to cleanse, tone and moisturise every morning and night?  It’s time to make a change – and thanks to Dr OlenGin’s fabulous range of Dead Sea magic mineral products there’s never been a better time to show off that beautiful, glowing skin. Here we give you an easy to follow guide with all you need to do to maintain radiant, smooth skin.

Wash your hands!

It’s as simple as that. Wash your hands before treating your skin – your fingertips can maintain germs and dirt that is easily transferrable to your face.

2)    Cleanse - morning and night

It works. Drawing the impurities from your pores, try Dr OlenGin’s Facial Cleaning Milk. Remove all makeup thoroughly, as certain foundations, bronzers and primers can clog pores and cause skin irritations and breakouts if left on skin overnight. Use with cotton wool pads or a dry cloth and gently wipe across your face and eyelids. If product gets into eyes, rinse gently with warm water.

Use masks 2-3 times a week

Mud masks are a natural way to cleanse and firm your skin, and have been proven to draw out impurities and prevent them from returning in the ugly form of a blemish or breakout. We at Dr OlenGin recommend the Magic Mineral Facial Mud Mask. After removing any makeup and cleansing your skin, apply a generous amount of the mask to the face avoiding the eye and eyebrow area. Leave to set for no more than 10 minutes and carefully remove with a hot cloth or warm water, again paying attention to the delicate skin around the eyes. Using steam often helps the removal of mud masks and unclogs pores deep down. Finish the treatment by rinsing your face with cold water to close pores and help keep them clean.

Fight the aging!

Anti-aging products have become available left right and centre – however, it’s important to choose the right one that makes a difference to your skin. Dr OlenGin have a wide range of anti-aging products to help your skin combat the common signs of aging including our Anti-aging Day Cream and Anti-aging Night Cream.


Exfoliation really is the key to promoting glowing, fresh looking skin and it isn’t necessary to do it every day – perfect for the busy working woman. Work onto your skin in circular motions using your fingertips or a warm damp cloth. Rinse using warm water and moisturise using Dr OlenGin’s Magic Mineral Day Cream.


Something not only your skin will thank you for. Try and find a little time each day to relax, meditate or simply to sit in a calming place taking deep breaths. Your skin reflects the inner you, and if you’re calm, everyone will notice your real beauty.

Get plenty of sleep!

Depending on your age, how many hours sleep is advisable will vary. Generally, the average adult should aim to get between 6-8 hours sleep every night to fully function without fatigue. The term ‘beauty sleep’ is literal. Sleep as many hours as possible at night and your natural radiance will show. Top tip: Sleeping with your hair tied up reduces hair product residue affecting pores and therefore prevents morning breakouts!