Facial Skincare by Dr OlenGin

Moisturising Cream for Normal Skin/Dry Skin:

Light and oil-free, Dr OlenGin’s facial moisturising cream for normal skin/dry skin will soften and improve the skin’s elasticity and is a joy to use. Jojoba seed oil reduces the appearance of scars and surface marks, while citric acid improves the appearance of fine lines and makes a ‘magic’ difference on skin texture. Panthenol (a powerful pro-vitamin B5) improves hydration, reduces itchiness and inflammation and accelerates the healing of damaged skin cells. The cream for dry skin also contains Allantoin and Propylene Glycol, which are both renowned for regeneration of dry, cracked skin. Forget all those products that claim to be miracle workers – these products from Dr OlenGin do what they say on the tub! These products are suitable for daily use.

Magic Mineral Facial Scrub

Want an easy and natural way to scrub away the stress of the day? Try Dr OlenGin’s Magic Mineral Facial Scrub to gently remove dead skin cells with kind-to-skin antioxidants and Dead Sea salts. You’ll feel that on the beach fresh and clean feeling after the first use! Directions: Using a small amount rub gently using a cloth or fingertips in a circular motion. Rinse away with warm water and follow with Dr OlenGin’s Moisturising Cream for Normal Skin. Our scrub is soap free, but if product gets into eyes use cool water to wash away any residual scrub.

Magic Mineral Facial Toner

With a refreshing and soothing cucumber extract, Dr OlenGin’s Magic Mineral Facial Toner is a fantastic product that works with antioxidants to tone the skin without leaving any harmful residue. With green tea leaf extract, the toner encourages the rejuvenation of your skin and targets harmful free-radicals. Calming algae extract works to condition the skin whilst removing any grime and make-up remnants. Directions: Using a cotton-wool pad or dry cloth, apply generously to skin and work in using a gentle circular motion. Leave to absorb and lightly dab on our Dr OlenGin day/night cream. Suitable for daily use.

Magic Mineral Facial Cleaning Milk

This fantastic product cleanses and removes makeup in a flash. A cool combination of Vitamin E and Provitamin B5 soothes skin and lifts impurities not just from the surface of the skin but from the pores below, using a powerful combination of minerals and nutrients your skin can’t live without. The cleansing agents in the milk help retain the natural texture and tone of your skin promoting a youthful glow. Directions: Using a cotton-wool pad wipe gently across eyes, face and neck. Rinse with cool water and follow up with our Magic Mineral Toner.